Embody Wellness - Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy
Hakomi is a somatic or body-centered approach to counseling that is an alternative to traditional talk therapy.  As such, it incorporates mindfulness and body awareness into traditional counseling methods.  Akin to meditation, mindfulness is your capacity to sustain your attention and curiosity in one area of your experience for an extended period of time.   Mindfulness thus becomes a tool for you to experience yourself in a non-judgmental way.           
The depth and the quality of your sustained awareness will lead you to a greater understanding about who you are in this world.   It can help you face the central life issues that you struggle with and provide you with the opportunity to resolve them. Developing your mindfulness expands your strength and power in your life.   This naturally creates an opportunity for change and transformation.          
Hakomi Body-Centered (or somatic) psychotherapy is a counseling approach for anyone seeking the following:  
 An alternative approach to traditional talk-therapy     
 Skills to integrate your mind with your body     
 Greater closeness & less defensiveness in your relationships   
 A more holistic way to work with your habitual patterns     
 Greater understanding & a deeper sense of compassion for who      you are in the world     
 Developing your intuition    
 Spiritual development           
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